Diggin' the opening matrix? -- Then become an original Idealist!

                                                                           The Schools

As we get into more detail, one very important note: you will see some schools listed and say “hey wait, those guys don’t play football”. And you will technically be correct. Ideal College Football includes some schools that have never played football, and others who played football and dropped it. This was a personal decision, was done for both aesthetic and practical reasons, was intuitive, and is solely the idea of this author. Standard disclaimer. As a bonus, it will be fun to imagine these schools actually playing football! Perhaps we’ll see it come to fruition.

Now we’re going to further fill in the opening matrix by listing conferences with member schools. The listings within conferences are arranged alphabetically, not by any perceived or actual strength/seeding. Schools shaded in goldenrod have dropped football, yet recently enough that I was able to access reliable statistics. Schools shaded in violet either have never played football, or did so far enough back in time that reliable statistics were not found.

In some cases, schools have been renamed (re-renamed, actually, in several cases). When this is the case, the current (familiar) name will be in parentheses. Why? As with conference names, largely for aesthetic purposes and conference continuity.

This is going to be a lengthy list, so we’ll do it one division at a time. Still, just to play it safe, grab a beer and hold on tight. No, seriously, go grab a beer.

   Division 1        Division 2        Division 3        Division 4        Division 5        Division 6        Division 7        Division 8        Division 9        Division 10