There should be a conference for the SUNY schools, right?  What’s that you say, most of the SUNY schools don’t play football?  We can cure that with one wave of our football fairy wand.  What’s that, fairies are not tough enough for football?  Hey, fairies are plenty tough.  Watch “True Blood”.  Anyhow, welcome to the Northland Conference.  You’ve got Cortland, you’ve got Buff St, you’ve got Brockport, you’ve got Morrisville.  And you’ve got eight schools with new programs.  There’s your Northland Conference, fairies.

Group XXIV

The NCAA Commonwealth Coast is essentially half of ICFB’s Commonwealth Coast.  It is, essentially, half of the volume.  We’ve filled out the Commonwealth the way it was meant to be.  Curry, Endicott, Salve Regina, Nichols and Becker are already ensconced.  Coast Guard and Anna Maria have been brought back.  Both Maritime schools have been added, as well as Norwich, Husson and Mount Ida.  Now this is a Commonwealth Coast Conference worth writing books about.

Speaking of concoctions, we’ve got a strange brew in the Upper Midwest.  Originally an NAIA league, the UMAC transitioned to the NCAA in 2008.  Of the current 10 football-playing institutions in the NCAA UMAC, five are full members and five are associate members for football only.  We’ve done a little something different in ICFB’s Upper Midwest; we’ve walked a slightly different path.  St Scholastica, Martin Luther and Crown are still here, although Northwestern MN has been shifted out to the Northern Lakes.  We’ve imported Maranatha Baptist, Trinity Bible, Waldorf and Presentation (some of which are former full/associate members), giving the conference an NCAA/NAIA hybrid feel.  We’ve resuscitated the entire universities of Westmar and Mount Senario just so they could play football again.  And we’re resurrecting Pillsbury Baptist, too, just so they can play football for the first time.  Finally – last but certainly not least – we’ve given a team to Mount Marty, because all Lancers should play tackle football.

Division 8


The New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) you see before you is not the current NCAA D-III conference of the same name.  Ours is fashioned from the NCAA D-II NECC of the 1980’s-90’s, even though that league, admittedly, never sponsored football.  This is one of those conferences that lodged in me brain all these years, and when there was an opportunity to resurrect it, I jumped at the opportunity.  That’s what we do at Ideal College Sports, we jump at opportunities.  Those of you who remember this conference will recognize Bridgeport, Franklin Pierce, NE Massachusetts (Lowell), NH College (SNHU) and NH State (Keene) as former members.  Some of these schools have been renamed, or re-renamed, as the case may be.  Granted, only one of these schools (NE Mass) ever played football.  Let’s keep going.  Western Connecticut and SE Massachusetts have been imported from the MASCAC, while Western New England was brought in from the Commonwealth.  The final four schools (Colby-Sawyer, Eastern Connecticut, CT College and RI College) are also tasting football for the first time.  We think they’re going to like it.  And we think you’re going to like the new, revived New England Collegiate Conference.



The Mountain South (MSC) is similar to the MVAC, not only geographically, but in how it came together, ie intuitively.  These campuses are all in Virginia, the Carolinas and eastern Tennessee.  Three of them (Knoxville, Allen and TN Wesleyan) are having their football programs exhumed from the grave, which still sounds creepy...but exciting.  Sort of a zombie apocalypse of college football.  A fourth, Virginia Wesleyan, is going to experience a brand-new program.  The big story, however, is Christopher Newport’s inclusion in the Mountain South.  This really is a no-brainer.  Why would a school located in Newport News VA play in the New Jersey conference?  Need I say it again…..  One minor programming note, which doubles as a shameless plug: Shenandoah will be swapping places with Guilford for Season 2, making both Tidewater and Mountain South even more congruent.  We will always strive to make everything in Ideal more…ideal.

Mississippi Valley
Louisiana College

The NCAA MASCAC is the doppelganger for the Little East.  Which is to say, the NCAA Little East plays all sports except football.  That’s not right.  ICFB is bringing football to the Little East.  You’ll recognize most of the usual suspects here: Bridgewater, Plymouth, Framingham, Fitchburg, Worcester and Westfield.  Worcester Tech has been added.  Boston St has been resuscitated, and new programs have been ushered in at Salem and North Adams.  Programming Note and Shameless Plug: two additional schools will be welcomed to the Little East for Season 2.  Can you guess who they are?

Big River
Washington Univ MO
Westminster MO

Granted, the Skyline Conference of ICFB and the Skyline Conference in the NCAA are nothing alike…except for the fact that they’re both based in the NY metro area.  ICFB Skyline is essentially the NJAC, although in reality only half the schools in the NJAC are located in New Jersey.  Again…how many times must we say this…look at a map.  OK, so here’s the deal with ICFB’s Skyline: Rowan, Montclair, Trenton (TCNJ), Paterson and Kean are here and accounted for.  We’ve added FDU-Florham as Madison, the town where the campus is located (adjacent to Florham Park).  The defunct programs of Jersey City, Ramapo and Upsala have been exhumed from the grave.  Finally, Stockton St and Drew have been given expansion football programs to do with what they like.  So, apologies for any confusion regarding the conference name, but Skyline seems appropriate for a conference in the sightlines of NYC.  And every school is in New Jersey, so there is that consistency that the NCAA version lacks.  Enjoy.

Jersey City State
Madison (FDU Florham)
Montclair State
Paterson State
Stockton State
Trenton State (TCNJ)

Group XXII

The schools that comprise the Mississippi Valley (MVAC) are spread over several different conferences and classifications within NCAA/NAIA.  Nonetheless, this is a league whose time has come.  Sometimes you feel a conference coming together intuitively, and only after putting it together do you look at the constituent members en masse to assure it makes sense.  That’s kinda how the MVAC came together.  This process was altered by the fact that a few of these schools only started playing football recently, so there was some juggling.  The final product encompasses campuses from Arkansas and Louisiana in the west to Georgia in the east, all contiguous.  All play NCAA or NAIA football.  It just works, which is what Ideal College Sports are all about.  We make these conferences work geographically and conceptually.

Little East
Boston State (UMass-Boston)
Bridgewater State
Fitchburg State
Framingham State
North Adams State
Plymouth State
Salem State
Westfield State
Worcester State
Worcester Tech

Mountain South
Christopher Newport
Greensboro College
Maryville TN
North Carolina Wesleyan
Tennessee Wesleyan
Virginia Wesleyan

Commonwealth Coast
Anna Maria
Coast Guard
Maine Maritime
Massachusetts Maritime
Mount Ida
Salve Regina

Upper Midwest
Maranatha Baptist
Martin Luther
Mount Marty
Mount Senario
Pillsbury Baptist
St Scholastica
Trinity Bible

New England Collegiate
Connecticut College
Eastern Connecticut State
Franklin Pierce
New Hampshire College
New Hampshire State (Keene St)
Northeastern Massachusetts (UMass-Lowell)
Rhode Island College
Southeastern Massachusetts (UM-Dartmouth)
Western Connecticut State
Western New England

Brockport State
Buffalo State
Cortland State
Fredonia State
Geneseo State
Morrisville State
New Paltz State
Oneonta State
Oswego State
Plattsburgh State
Potsdam State

Grab the hot cocoa and settle into A Tale of Two Conferences.  Our first principal, the UAA, has had a stable membership since its formation in 1986.  However, only five current members play football, and all appear to be associate members of other conferences (it is difficult to figure out what’s going on here, as it seems to be cases of dual memberships).  Three of these universities are in other ICFB conferences (Case Western and Carnegie Mellon in the Allegheny, Rochester in the Adirondack).  Our second principal, the SLIAC, has dealt with more of a shifting slate of schools, including many non-football schools.  In fact, the SLIAC has twice sponsored football and both times discontinued it.  So, what we a’gonna do is – more or less – merge these two conferences.  Don’t worry, I’m an ex-bartender.  But kids…don’t try this at home.  The result of this mixology is a little creation I like to call Big River.  You’ve got Wash U and Chicago from the UAA.  You’ve got the football-playing schools from the SLIAC (now UMAC – it’s complicated) in Eureka, Greenville, MacMurray and Westminster, plus former football schools Blackburn and Principia.  Rockford has been invited in.  To cap off our concoction, we’ve presented football teams to Drury, Fontbonne and Webster.  This new creation now stretches from Chicago/Rockford in northern Illinois, down through St Louis and on into Springfield MO.  Spanning the mighty Mississippi.  Just thought I’d explain that.