Metro North
Maritime (SUNY)
Merchant Marine
Mount St Vincent
New Jersey Tech
New York Tech
New York Univ
Old Westbury
Staten Island
Stevens Tech

Let me clarify one point of possible confusion right away: ICFB’s Atlantic Sun is not at all related to the NCAA’s ASUN.  Ours is way up in the New England hinterlands.  I’ve had this conference under design for many years, predating its emergence in the NCAA as an outgrowth of the Trans America Athletic Conference.  Just want to put that out there.  To me, Atlantic Sun connotes easternmost, as in the first lands to see the sunrise, and that would be the schools you see here.  So, that out of the way, ICFB’s A-Sun includes mostly city / hyphenated schools from Vermont and Maine, many of which have been renamed.  As mentioned at the outset, I abhor hyphenated names, and have eliminated them almost entirely.  The only NCAA football-playing member is Castleton St (Western Vermont), surrounded by a host of newbies.  Like all of these new conferences, the jury is out.  We’ll have to wait to see the quality and type of football being played.

The Metro North (AMNU) is another new conference making its debut in Ideal College Football.  Established programs at Maritime and the Merchant Marine Academy are joined by a mélange of new programs.  NY Tech is returned from the grave, yet the remainder are tasting football for the first time.  Some of these schools are iconic institutions.  That right there is exciting.  The thought of seeing this conference mature over the coming years is equally exciting.  What can I say, I’m easily excitable.

Atlantic Sun
Eastern Maine (Machias)
Eastern Vermont State (Lyndon)
Green Mountain
New England College
New England, Univ of
Northern Maine (Presque Isle)
Northern Vermont State (Johnson)
Southern Maine
Southern Vermont
Western Maine (Farmington)
Western Vermont State (Castleton)


Welcome to Division 10, the fetid backwaters of Ideal College Football.  This is the Star Wars trash compactor scene of the ICFB divisional alignment.  Ouch.  Okay, if I leave this in unedited, it’s because it was funny enough in my sleep-deprived state…and I beg your forgiveness.  Division 10 is not actually a backwater, it is rather an overflow, because sometimes – no matter how much you envision perfect symmetry – she is elusive.  We begin with the Trans America Athletic (TAAC), a conference that was active from 1978-2001 before being swallowed alive by the realignment craze (it is currently the Atlantic Sun, but barely looks like what it was in the early years).  Got it?  There will be a pop quiz at some point during the season.  Six schools that were in the NCAA TAAC at some point in its history are in ICFB’s Trans America: Houston Baptist (the only one currently playing football), Belmont, Nashville (Lipscomb), Centenary, Little Rock and Pan Am (now Rio Grande Valley).  Arlington, a former football school that is being resuscitated, is alive and well in the new Trans Am.  The other schools are FCS types who have time-honored basketball programs, and are now going to be testing themselves on the gridiron.  I felt that it would be fun to have these schools playing football.  And frankly, isn’t it long overdue?

Deep South = Sunshine State.  The Sunshine is an NCAA D-II conference that has never sponsored football.  We’re going to rectify that right here, right now by inaugurating the Deep South Conference and giving all listed teams a football program.  Nine of these schools are former or current members of the SSC.  We’ve filled out the roster by awarding teams to Flagler and FL Memorial, giving the conference an NCAA/NAIA hybrid feel.  The Deep South is all Florida, all the time.

American North
Illinois Tech
Indiana Tech
Mount Mercy
Mount St Clare
Mount Vernon Nazarene
Spring Arbor

Eastern Univ PA
Gwynedd Mercy
Lincoln PA
York PA

Deep South
Biscayne (St Thomas)
Boca Raton, College of (Lynn)
Florida Memorial
Nova Southeastern
Palm Beach Atlantic
St Leo
St Petersburg (Eckerd)

Division 10


Blue Ridge
Bluefield College
Kentucky Highlands (KYChr)
Lindsey Wilson
Mountain State
Ohio Valley
Rio Grande
Shawnee State
Southern Virginia
Sue Bennett
Virginia Highlands (Va-Wise)
Virginia Intermont
Wheeling Jesuit

Okay, I’ve mentioned how there is a plethora of NAIA schools in the Midwest.  Well, many of these schools do not field a football team.  Many of them should.  The American North (ANAC) is ICFB’s answer to this issue.  These 12 schools have been chosen to inaugurate a brand new incarnation.  As none of them have experience on the field of play, I have no idea what quality of football will emanate from the AmNorth.  But there is football on these campuses, and that is a good thing.  And don’t we all want good things?

Have you noticed the preponderance of new football programs in the Southeast in recent years?  I have, and decided they needed their own conference.  Seriously, I said to myself “hey, these guys need a conference.”  Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll vouch for this.  The result: give a big ol’ bear hug to the South Coast Conference (SCC).  We’ve got schools from Florida, Georgia and Alabama, the return of two dormant programs (one recent, one remote) and two new programs.  Some of these teams have gotten very good very quickly, and my prediction is that the SCC is going to evolve into a little beast of a conference.  These schools are scattered amongst various NAIA conferences, and were just begging to be grouped together.  So let’s bind ‘em and play ‘em and, seriously, keep an eye on this conference.

Group XXX

Piedmont = Conference Carolinas.  What a convoluted timeline this league has had, although admittedly, no worse than many other conferences.  I’ve gotta say, while doing the research to put Ideal College Football together, I have been repeatedly astounded as to the shifting nature of conference affiliations.  No adjectives can do it justice, though several come to mind.  This is another group of schools that I thought could use a dose of intercollegiate football.  So here we are, Piedmont football.  Five of these schools are current NCAA Carolinas members (Belmont Abbey, Erskine, Limestone, Mount Olive and Pfeiffer).  Only Limestone actually plays NCAA football.  Four others (Coker, High Point, St Andrews and Longwood) are ex-members.  We’ve added to this mix Spartanburg, Lander and Augusta.  Five universities each from the Carolinas, one each from Virginia and Georgia.  Symmetry is awesome.

Our final contestant, take the stage please.  The Eastern Conference (EC) was birthed from the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference (which eventually morphed into the CSAC), and the membership you see above is based largely on that 1990’s configuration.  Largely, though not entirely.  As none of those schools actually play NCAA football, the process of picking the EC was subjective…intuitive.  Lincoln does play football, and has chosen to play in the CIAA, probably because of the dearth of suitable competition in their region (the PSAC schools are more suited to high-level D-II scheduling).  We can solve that in an instant (the best way to solve issues – instantaneously) by moving Lincoln into a league with nearby NCAA D-III schools, and give those schools football programs.  Behold the Eastern Conference.  Future membership in the Eastern may evolve; however, if so, the character and geographic basis of the conference will be permanent.  Permanence.

Trans America
Arlington (UTA)
Corpus Christi (A&M)
Greensboro (UNC)
Houston Baptist
Kansas City (UMKC)
Little Rock (UALR)
Nashville (Lipscomb)
New Orleans
Pan American (UTPA)
Wilmington (UNC)

That was fun.  Did you make it all the way through?  Did you need a 2nd beer?

Belmont Abbey
High Point
Mount Olive
Spartanburg (SC-Upstate)
St Andrews

Group XXIX

South Coast
Ave Maria
Concordia AL
East Florida (Edward Waters)
Georgia College
Georgia Southwestern
North Georgia
Point GA
Southeastern FL
Warner Southern
Webber International

Sue Bennett football was a sight to behold.  The Dragons played for several seasons before disbanding, and did not win a single game.  Not a one.  That is dedication.  I decided they needed to be revived for Ideal College Football.  Nay, not just revived, they needed an entire conference built around them.  If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right; we’re going to do it with dignity.  Welcome to the Blue Ridge Athletic AssociationBRAA … hmm, we’ll workshop that.  In any case, these are a group of schools in the Appalachian bluegrass region of eastern and central Kentucky, western Virginia, West Virginia and southern Ohio who are … wait for it … begging to be grouped together.  And begging to play football, that’s right.  Five of them currently have football programs, the aforementioned Sue Bennett team is being resuscitated (where I predict they will win at least one game), and the other six schools are new to the sport.  This…..could be interesting.