Whoever reads these emails, get this message to the people who make campaign decisions and strategy. Get this to the top people. If you play to a nonexistent center, you lose, we all lose. Embrace the Left openly, you win big, we all win big.

Are you ignoring his huge crowds? His populist support? Do you want that support this November? Then steer Left. You have a huge contingent waiting there. But - and here is the catch - you must be genuine. You must fully embrace Progressive platforms, and you must be ready and willing to implement these platforms once elected. Progressives are very intelligent, they will see through you instantly if you waver. There is no more business-as-usual, there is no status quo, Americans do not want 'incremental change', and I would like to think Ms Clinton and the Democratic establishment are intelligent enough to see that.

As the GOP has swung far right in recent decades, the Dems have moved to the center. That may have been an effective strategy....until now. Now there is no center. People are either Right or Left. The GOP has the right. The Dems have staked out a nonexistent center. Who speaks for the Left, the Progressives who currently have no political party? Bernie Sanders does.


There Is No Center

A message to the Democratic Party, the Democratic establishment and Hillary Clinton:


The only way to win this election in 2016, and future elections, is to court Americans who are not being represented in American politics: the Left, the Progressives.

Making the World ... Ideal

[sent to on 20 May 2016]

Now your answer is to swing back to the center to take out the GOP. This strategy will backfire. There is no center. The country is polarized. There is the right and there is the left, and a wasteland in between. Only a fool would campaign for an electorate that does not exist.

If the Dems and candidate Clinton think they are going to take the country by playing to a nonexistent center, you will lose and hand us over to fascism.  

You swerved to the left to take out Bernie Sanders, a tactic that didn't work. There is a reason for that, which I'll get to in a moment.