You may be thinking, okay, 5,000:1 is quite a longshot, but what's the big deal?  Underdogs win all the time, that's one of the reasons we love sports.  However, 5,000:1 is not a story of an underdog winning.  It is a story of the underdog of the underdogs winning.  It is akin to a minor league baseball team winning the World Series, or a semipro football team winning the Super Bowl.  Or the lumpy, goofy bulldog down the street, you know, the one owned by the nice lady on the corner, the one who barks whenever you walk by the house, yeah, that dog.....winning the Kentucky Derby.  Okay, that last one is a stretch, even for this analogy, but you get the picture.

Things like this are simply not supposed to happen in the world of high-level, huge-finance sports.  And yet it has.  The underdog of the underdogs has won a major title.  And that's not going away. It will be in the record books for all time, those players and coaches will walk with this their entire lives.  They believed, they played their hearts out, and they won a title that was meant to be out of their grasp.  And this is where our lessons come in.  

Here in America, we tend to not focus on international sports stories, unless they are truly spectacular.  However, we've had just such a spectacular story recently, and it is still not - in all likelihood - getting much mainstream push.  This story involves the English Premier League, England's highest level of soccer....err, football.  The competition in the EPL is phenomenal, representing the very highest level of European football, and attracting the highest echelon of global talent to its teams.  Generally, the EPL title is waged by a handful of clubs, wielding the highest of payrolls, and the remainder of the field is nothing more than battlefield fodder.  Think of it as several Yankee- and Dodger-type clubs, able to sign the world's top players, with the remainder of the teams fighting for scraps.


And speaking of earthly resources: man, I wish I would've put $100 on Leicester at the beginning of the season..!


After all, who is happy reaching a basecamp?  Not the doers, the ones who change the world.  For them, basecamps are milestones, not destinations.  They charge for the summit.  They believe.  They believe in themselves so thoroughly that they ignore all naysayers.  They throw all of their energies, all of their wiles, all of their creativity, into seeing their goals come to fruition.  They give arms and legs to their dreams.  Like Leicester.  Be like Leicester, and charge forward with absolute faith and certainty.

17 May 2016

Making the World ... Ideal

You may be up against seemingly insurmountable odds.  You may be facing the uphill battle of the mother of uphill battles.  You may have crashed and burned numerous times before.  You may have no earthly resources.  Still, you must believe.  You must ignore the odds.  Ignore those people, good-hearted as they may be, who tell you you're wasting your time, it'll never happen, your goals are too lofty.  Ignore them.  

Leicester City, a club that barely avoided relegation the season before, and was relegated the season before that, has claimed the title in the EPL.  And they are absolutely one of those clubs normally considered battlefield fodder.  They're not supposed to win the EPL title; heck, they're not even supposed to finish in the top four, or even the top half.  However, over a span of 38 matches covering a period of nine months, little Leicester has risen to the top.  They've beaten out the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, the Manchester clubs, powers all.  How unlikely was this achievement?  5,000:1.  That's how unlikely.  Literally, 5,000:1.  Those were the odds going into the season that Leicester would walk away with the title.  

The Lessons of Leicester