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I think we can all agree that college football is pretty awesome. Why do we love it so much? Cheerleaders, obviously. Yet while they are incredible, it's clearly more than that. So much more. We love college football because it inspires passion. We're energized by the schools, the colors, the fan bases, the rivalries and the history. If you're reading this, I suspect you love college football. Or you're curious, in which case I can refer you to several support groups. Tell me if any of this rings a bell: I've been late to family get-togethers because of college football (sorry, Mom). I've lost girlfriends over college football (sorry, Tamara). Sound familiar? Shoot, I've missed dentist appointments because of college football. Which reminds me, gotta go floss -- be right back.

So we've established that college football is ineffable and life-altering. And yet, as dramatic as the games can be, and as thrilling as the conference races can play out, there are aspects of college football that obviously can be done better. Let's put it right out on the table, there are aspects of college football that can be done a whole helluva lot better. And we'll get to those aspects in just a moment.

Striving For Excellence

For now, put on your magic thinking cap. Or, if you prefer, your dusty scraped-up leather helmet that your great-grandfather passed down to you. Got 'em on? Good. Now, imagine that you are designing the overall landscape of college football. You're in charge of all the major decisions. What would the game look like under your direction? How would it operate? Other than more cheerleaders. That's how I approached this. If done to my specifications, what would the overall landscape of college football look like? There were three glaring issues that popped out of that analysis: scheduling, postseason and conference alignments.

Scheduling: Because it's a mess. We want to crown true champions, so let's schedule like champions. See here to read more about the scheduling issues in modern college football, and Ideal’s answers to it.

Postseason: Because it's an embarrassment. Bowl games are what, exactly? Click here to explore the possibilities inherent in an Ideal postseason.

Conference Alignments: Because it's a Superfund site. This is undoubtedly the most overlooked of these issues, yet the conferences are what is driving a lot of the dysfunction in the modern game. Ideal’s conference infrastructure resides here, and actual conference memberships here. You might want to check this out. The conferences could be the most foundational part of Ideal's makeover of college football.

Imagine that these current weaknesses of college football were turned into strengths. Imagine there's a new platform that addresses, in a tangible way, the shortcomings that are evident to anyone willing to honestly look at today’s college football landscape. Imagine that new platform being a college football simulation that employs balanced scheduling, an expansive and equitable postseason and conferences that the majority of people actually gave a damn about? Imagine such a thing exists. Look no further, you've stumbled upon it.

"Why Should I Care?​"

Ooooh, a wise guy. Alrighty, here goes:

Still wearing your magic thinking cap / leather helmet? Good, don't take those off until instructed. Imagine that the aforementioned college football simulation encompasses all schools and all conferences, even the smallest and most obscure schools. Why should the big boys have all the fun? If you're a student/fan of Mercer or Slippery Rock or Denison or Baker or (dare I mention them) Trinity Bible, or hundreds of other small schools, why should you be excluded from the action? If you're outside the Power 5 .... have no fear, your team is here. I'll go one better: even if your school doesn't play football, and never has played football, take a look around. There's a good chance you now have a team.

But Wait .... There's More

Let's go even further, shall we? Because there really is no limit to what we can do. It's one thing to theorize about such a landscape, and set up the infrastructure, it's quite another thing to set up schedules for every team and play a full season through. When I say "full season", I mean exactly that. We're going to play an entire regular season, all 1,034 schools, culminating with an extensive postseason. Do you like playoff football? Then you'll want to immerse yourself in this, because we're going to crown nine division champions

Now imagine that in this new Ideal College Football universe, you can root for your favorite teams and make predictions on the results of their games. You can make predictions on all games. As this progresses, there will be contests. Your skill could even win you cash and prizes.

Intrigued? Then hitch up your wagon, pilgrim. Click on the links below, or at the top. See how Ideal is creating a new paradigm in the world of sports. Then visit the Ideal page on Patreon. There you can get engaged in the Ideal community as deeply as you want. Did I mention the cash and prizes? And fame? And maybe even a festival.

As we've now reached our cruising altitude of 33,000 feet, the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. You may now remove your headgear. Feel free to move about the cabin.


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